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Wiffle® Ball Fields

We’ve put together a compilation of the most prolific Wiffle® Ball fields in the Country.

This page is a great resource for those of you looking how to build your own wiffle® ball field or to see what kind of fields are out there. Get great wiffle® ball field ideas!  Awesome wiffle® ball stadiums!


Little Fenway Wiffle® Ball Field


This unique Wiffle® Ball Field has become every baseball/wiffle ball fan's dream! 1/4th scale replica of Boston's Fenway Park!

  • Built in 2000-2001
  • Opening Day: July 4, 2001
  • Capacity: 1,000
  • Parcel size: 1.0 acres out of 11.0 acre lot
  • Scale: 23% of Fenway Park from home plate to fences
  • Height of walls: 12.5 ft, 8.5 ft, 4.5 ft (left to right)
  • Height of net: 5.0 ft
  • Baselines: 41.5 ft
  • Mound: 10 inches high
  • Pitcher's distance: 30.5 ft
  • Center field bleacher capacity: 10
  • Materials: pressure treated wood, 150 bags of concrete, Fenway Green paint,vinyl numbers,metal pipes for foul poles.
  • Orientation: same as Fenway Park
  • Distance from Fenway: 210 miles

See more of Little Fenway in an episode of Outrageous Backyards – Click Here


Little Wrigley Wiffle® Ball Field


For more info on Little Wrigley Click Here

  • Little Wrigley is a unique 1/4th scale replica of Chicago's Wrigley Field in the backyard of Pat & Beth O'Connor's house in Essex, Vermont.
  • Built in 2006-2007
  • Opening Day: August 10, 2007
  • Capacity: 2,000
  • Parcel size: 1.5 acres out of 11.0 acre lot
  • Scale: 23% of Wrigley Field from home plate to fences
  • Height of walls: 11.5 ft, 9.5 ft, 11.5 ft (left to right)
  • Baselines: 41.5 ft
  • Mound: 10 inches high
  • Pitcher's distance: 30.5 ft
  • Center field bleacher capacity: 12
  • Materials: pressure treated wood, 300 bags of concrete, brick stencil and paint, wire baskets, metal pipes for foul poles, ivy


Little Field of Dreams - Essex, VT



Little Ebbets Wiffle® Ball Field – Amesbury, MA

 little-ebbets wiffle ball field


Hudson Valley WBL – Milton, NY

 hudson-valley wiffle ball field


Central Ohio Wiffle® Ball League Fields

TLC Field, J & M Field, Carroll Construction Field, and Shelley Field



Hollow Park – Grand Rapids MI

 hollow park wiffle ball field


Keuka Lake Olympics Wiffle® Ball Field

Field of Dreams Wiffle Ball Stadium

Est. 2003, NY

 keuka wiffle ball field



Josephine A. Petrongolo Memorial Wiffle® Ball Field

"The Jo" - South Jersey

 the jo wiffle ball field


Hess Field - Scotia NY

Est. 2005

 hess wiffle ball field


Duncan Hill Wiffle® Ball Field- Columbia, Mississippi

 duncan hill wiffle ball field


Strawberry Field - Encino, California

 strawberry wiffle ball field



Rookies Regulation WIFFLE® Ball Field Mazomanie, Wisconsin

 rookies wiffle ball field




Potomac Wiffle® Ball League Field

Washington Monument in Backdrop

 potomac wiffle ball field


Woodmore Family Campground Wiffle® Ball Field- Rindge, NH

 woodmore wiffle ball field

 Updated picture



Fenway Jr. at The Seasons Resort – Bartlett, NH

 fenjrcitgo wiffle ball field


Fun Fieldz

  fun fieldz wiffle ball field

Fun Fieldz will take the ball game out to you!  Imagine a complete wiffle ball field in your own backyard!  

They custom fit the field to fit your location including the outfield fence, foul lines, American flag, bunting and so much more. 


Bringing FUN to the greater Philadelphia Area and Beyond!

Fun Fieldz brings a range of miniature, authentic sports fieldz to your location to create a unique and memorable big league experience.Check them out today! 


Riner Wiffle® Ball Stadium

Jamestown, IN

 riner wiffle ball field



Little Citi Field - Wiffle® Ball Field

Buena, NJ      For more info on this field see our blog



Migley Wiffle® Ball Field

New Carlisle, IN.  For more info on this field see our blog


Migley was built as a tribute to Wrigley Field, the historic home of the Chicago Cubs.  The name comes from combining "Mini" and "Wrigley."  The most prominent features are replicas of the famous red marquee and manually operated, centerfield scoreboard. Planted in 2007, ivy continues to slowly take over the chainlink outfield fence.

Seating Capacity: 40


Height of fence: Outfield - 4 feet,  Backstop - 3 feet


Distances from plate:

Left field - 78 feet

Left-center - 81 feet

Center field - 83 feet

Right-center - 81 feet

Right field - 77 feet




Shed Field at Cronin Yards

West St. Paul, MN.  For more info on this field see our blog



Jersey Shore, PA




Yellowbatz - Bats, Balls, Beers, Buds. Wiffle ® Ball Stadium

O'Fallon, Missouri - Next to the Penalty Box Bar & Grill



Fenway Westfield Wiffle® Ball Field

Westfield, MA.   For more info on this field see our blog




Springville Wiffle® Ball Field

Springville, Iowa



Sportsmans Park Wiffle® Ball Field

Golconda IL

See our blog submission for more info about Sportsmans Park



Toja Park - East Northport, NY

For more pictures of Toja Park see our Blog entry



Walmart Field -  Cannon Falls, Minnesota

For more pictures and info on Walmart Field see our Blog Entry



Seville Ohio Wiffle® Ball Field

For more pictures and info on this field view our Blog Entry

And see more updates to this field here



Xfinity Field - Fort Collins, CO



CB Park - Council Bluffs, IA (110ft Center, 75ft Corners)



Bushwood Ballpark - Niles, Michigan

For more info and pictures of this field visit our blog entry



STIHL Stadium - Granbury, TX

Home of the Patriot Series 4th of July Tournament



Fenway Wiffle® Ball Park

Woodstock, CT

For more info and pictures of this field visit our blog entry



Mighty Mow Park

Lawrence, Kansas



Freedom Field - Illinois

For more info and pictures of this field, see our blog entry



House Park - North Jackson, Ohio

For more info and pictures of this field, see our blog entry



Paradise Field - Las Vegas, NV

For more info and pictures of this field see our blog listing



Palisades Wiffle® Ball League Field - Blauvelt, NY



Tommy Macnamera Wiffle® Ball Field - Kennebunkport, Maine

For more info on this field see our blog listing



Miffly Field - Spivey's Corner, NC

For more info and pictures on this field see our blog listing

miffly.jpgimg-2027.original.jpgMiffly wiffle ball field


Clover Valley - Adel, Iowa

For more info and pictures of this field see our blog listing




O'Daly's Irish Pub Wiffle® Ball Field - Home of the "Get Wiff It" League - Mobile, Alabama

For more info on this field and league see our blog entry  Plus click the picture below for a virtual tour.


 Palooza Park, Wilton, CA



Legends Field - Burtrum, MN at Camp Lebanon



The Oregon House Vida Yards - Eugene OR



Grumps Burgers Wiffle® Ball Field - Granbury TX



Cheney Stadium - Tacoma WA



Kurtz's Field of Dreams - Mt. San Antonio College



Mini Dodger Stadium - West Springfield, Massachusetts.  See our Blog for more info about this field



Little Polo Grounds at Baily Park - Port St Lucie, FL.  See our Blog for more info about this field



Frazierville Field – Decatur,  Illinois



Flood Yards, Bay City, MI.   Dimensions: 80' to left, 95' to center, 85' to right



AWA Wiffle Ball Field - Edmunds WA



Warm Springs Park at Destination Yard - Bridgewater, VA.  See our Blog for more pics of this field



Wrobel Field - Mantua, Ohio


Home Run Ranch - Bells TX  (



Pepper Park - Home of Team Pepper - Bismarck, North Dakota


Laurel Prieb Field - Mini Target Field - South Dakota 

Laurel Prieb Field


Ferguson Field - Savanna IL



The Original Wiffle® Ball Field Dimensions

From the manufacturer’s website

The size of the playing field is optional, but we recommend a minimum dimension of 20 feet in width at the home run markers (approx. 8 paces) by about 60 feet long (approx. 23 paces) from home plate to each home run marker. The field is laid out with foul lines and markers for singles, doubles triples and home run areas

 wiffle ball field dimensions



Other Field Dimension Resources:

There are many different field dimension resources out there - certain leagues use different field dimensions. 

Here is some info provided by the NJWA

THE FIELD: A level surface. The angle created from the tip of home plate will be between 70 and 75 degrees from foul line to foul line. 
 THE INFIELD: An infield line will be drawn from foul line to foul line, and will extend from a distance of 45 feet from home plate, down each foul line. Cones will be placed on the infield line and the foul line, completely in fair territory, and will serve as a marker for ground balls. A fair play line will be drawn and will run from foul line to foul line six feet from the tip of home plate.

THE OUTFIELD: The foul poles will be no less than 75 feet and no more than 85 feet from home plate in both left and right field. The center field wall will be no less than 90 feet and no more than 110 feet from home plate. The outfield walls will be no lower than four feet and must be free of sharp edges and protruding objects.

THE PITCHER’S MOUND: The pitcher will throw from a distance of 42 feet from the tip of home plate. A pitching rubber will be used and will be exactly 42 feet from the tip of home plate.

THE BATTER’S BOX: Batter’s boxes are optional, but encouraged for appearance reasons. A batter’s box will be no less than three feet wide and four feet long and no more than four feet wide and six feet long. Home plate will be the standard 17 inches in width.

THE BACKSTOP: The backstop plays a key role in stopping pitched balls, wild pitches and foul balls. A backstop helps speed up the game, puts less stress on pitchers and keeps their rhythm going. All fields are required to have some type of backstop. A backstop should be no less than four feet high and six feet wide.


SAHDwiffle Field Resources


Let the SAHDwiffle (stay at home dads) Team show you how to build your own field

Including building custom strike zones, home run fence and more



If you have a Wiffle® Ball Field you would like to add to this list please Contact Us



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